Woman- An Invisible creator

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Her identity is always in question, in spite of being the creator of this nation. Her presence is almost invisible to the stereotypical world we live in. And that’s happening since decades & there is no stoppage to it. But we, the strong women & the Y generation of today, should come together to get Woman , the rights she always deserved.

This poem is a small attempt to show how , the creator is neither respected nor worshipped. But if given the right, she can prove herself,  the strongest creation of god. Have a look!


Woman, the creator, the deity,

She’s known as the second form of Almighty.

She has given kings to us,

She has done everything for us.

Then why is her identity in question

Why is she the one to go through suppression?

We assume her presence as invisible,

Just think twice, is this…

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Your body contains three different types of muscles:

1) cardiac muscle, which makes up the bulk of the heart.

2) smooth muscle, which lines organs such as the stomach, bladder, and blood vessels.

3) skeletal muscle, which is attached to your bones through tendons and is the force behind nearly all your
movements. Of the three, only skeletal muscle is under your voluntary control and is, as such, “trainable

Skeletal muscle is made up of individual muscle cells, or fibers, bound together by connective tissue. Each
muscle fiber contains many strands of protein that are capable of chemically “pulling against” one another when given a signal by your nervous system. This pull shortens the muscle and makes it contract.

So, this makes clear the type of muscle and difference between them.
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The fibers in your skeletal muscles are not all the same. Physiologists distinguish between two main types—Type 1, or slow-twitch fibers, and Type 2, or fast-twitch fibers.


■ Are responsible for long-duration, low-intensity activity because they are efficient at using oxygen to “burn” the body’s fuel resources for repeated contractions over long periods (aerobic activity).
■ Are slow to fatigue and are brought into play during activities requiring endurance.


■ Produce powerful bursts of contraction at high rates.
■ Are ideally suited to brief, high-intensity activity in strength training or powerlifting.
■ Work without the need for oxygen (anaerobically) and fatigue quickly.
■ Can be further divided into 2a, 2b, and 2x fibers.
■ The 2a fiber is a fast-twitch muscle fiber that has endurance properties. It can be trained to act like a Type 1 or 2b fiber.
■ The 2b fiber is the classic fast-twitch fiber—explosive, powerful, and strong.
■ The 2x fiber is uncommitted and capable of developing into a Type 1 or 2a fiber.

Most of our muscles contain both types of fibers, but some people are genetically gifted with a preponderance of Type 2 fibers, giving them a natural aptitude for high-intensity explosive activities, such as weightlifting or sprinting. Others have genetic weighting toward the slow-twitch Type 1 fibers; most long-distance runners and cyclists fall into this category.

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When you train to failure, a microscopic tears are created in your muscle fiber, which results in soreness. You should be careful to not pushing yourself to the point of extreme pain and injury.
once you have broken your muscle fiber down, your body requires rest and protein to recover the tears. Then muscle respond by growing in size and density.

So, this is a small concept for “how to gain muscle”.
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